Late Post from the “Men in Wild” fashion show in Jakarta’s Apollo Club

R3 pix jpg largeecently I had time to go through the GB of photos we produced in the last months and I decided to edit some additional photos from this show. Even though I was limited with my SONY RX100M3 and a really poor light situation, some of these shots have its own charm (aside incredible noise and super high ISO).

I hope you will enjoy the below additional shots

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Color Explosion in Bali 

We always wanted to do this – have a go on a body painting shooting

Bali is a very inspiring environment for color’s in general and with great models (Andre, Matthew), a creative mind for the set  (Matthew), hi ISO (Fuji X-T1), a construction light, lots of body paint and supporting audience (Andey) nothing could go wrong.

Cleaning up the models and the garden afterwards was less fun then the shooting 😀

Here are some results:
Model Credit:

Matthew CiaGiant

Andre Pratama


Fuji X-T1, Zeiss 55mm M Touit


Denpasar, Bali

We hope you like our experiment !

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Shooting for Matthew CiaGiant shoes in Bali’s Green Bowl – after a glamorous presentation in Jakarta’s Club Apollo

Bali’s stylish shoe designer Matthew CiaGiant launched recently his new male shoe collection with a huge success in the “Man in Wild” fashion show in Jakarta’s famous Apollo Club.

Meet the Designer Matthew CiaGiant: 


During the show his new shoe designs including MC Reddevil , MC BlueBoots , MC Leo , etc. have been presented on the runway from selected Indonesian models.

“Man in Wild” Fashion show in Club Apollo:


The successful launch in Jakarta was followed by a photoshooting in Bali’s amazing “Green Bowl” beach.

   Model credit: Rangga Dika wearing MC Blue boots and De Andre wearing MC Reddevil

  Model credit: Rangga Dika wearing MC Tango

Model credit: De Andre wearing MC Reddevil

  Model credit: Rangga Dika wearing MC Blue boots

Model credit: Crith Andre wearing MC Leo

Our special thanks go to an amazing professional team with incredible looks. We couldn’t have a better one

Matthew, Norris, Rangga, Andre, Crith and Chris 

csFaces and Matthew CiaGiant

 Matthew CiaGiant online store– or order from 

Meet the team: