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csFaces 2: republished

“From KungFu Panda to Lean Tiger”

I came to the Middle East in July 2008, on a boiling hot afternoon, ready to embrace one of the the largest cities in the region…..

Leaving my home in Asia I had a couple of dreams: To go abroad as some many of my fellow citizens,


to get my body into a “wow” shape and once that would be accomplished …to have a photo shooting were the dreams I always had on my mind.


After only few months I had to learn that working here presented me with a new lifestyle. Sleep, eat, work is the name of the routine. It left me between craving unhealthy food like chocolates and hugging my pillows at night rather then stemming some weights in the gym.

No exercise, no diet…. before I even realized I was back to chubby like I used to be. My colleagues and friend’s were not shy in reminding me painfully the bullying I faced already in school:


“You are fat”, “KungFu Panda” and some other embarrassing descriptions motivated me to become aware of the issue and plan how to change my routines. I started a tough program in a rough phase of my life (I was changing jobs in parallel, which can be a task with existential consequences here).

A rigorous diet, squeezing out an hour of daily exercise even after tiring work hours and limited sleeping hours has been my life for the last months.

Success proved me right and the above-mentioned routines became now my hobbies. Fortunately, I overcame those bullies, maintained my health and created the body I always wanted to have.


My lesson learned: Self discipline brought me back to a healthy living lifestyle.

csFaces photography helped me to achieve the last item on my list, the photo shooting……

csFaces photography:
Model: PJ
Equipment: CANON 7D and 5DM3, 580 / 600 EX flashes
Release form: on file


When PJ and I spoke the first time he called himself ugly which appeared really weird to me not knowing yet his story. It has been a big pleasure and a real success story for both of us to help prove the opposite and fulfill one of his dreams. Being in different fields of photography so far it has been a huge learning curve for myself.