Preview: PJ “From KungFu Panda to Lean Tiger”

After an initial trial to publish some of the photos I started taking with models
(see: I decided that I would build on this and do more.

Walking the streets of London, Miami, Dubai and other metropoles there are so many beautiful, special, exotic, expressive faces and you wonder about the story behind them …….. this blog will capture and publish some of them, images and stories.cs _MG_4780 large2nd Avatar V05 (250 x 250)

Stay tuned and watch for csFaces photography 2:

PJ “From KungFu Panda to Lean Tiger”

About cseyesblog

My first SLR I had with 15, it has been a PENTAX, first ME then later ME Super ...and they were not digital yet. Macro has been my field, I could spend hours laying in a green field and shooting the right eye of a fly using a 50mm lens and a fotobalgen. Then the first digital cameras came and I got tired of carrying kilos of equipment I sold and ended up a decade in the middle-age of photo quality. Few years back I rediscovered photography, bought a DSLR and started my second even more exciting journey into the world of color and special be the judge of the result of that.

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